Planning ahead your South African Safari

Research and plan your South Africa vacation and Big Five safaris.

Research your trip

Find as much information as possible about the South African region you are going to visit such as the political climate, weather conditions, wildlife, culture, and transports. In addition, look into your travel agency.

Make sure you completely understand their Terms and Conditions and the restrictions on of their services. See that you have enough money to account for your expenses as well as some extra funds for emergencies or other unexpected costs.

Plan what to bring

Ask your travel agency about the climate of the destination, they may help you get an idea of what type of clothes to take with you. Don’t take lighlty the small things such as the quality of your walking shoes you will be wearing during voyage.

Pack a couple of pairs that are strong yet comfy for long walks. For the most part, days in South Africa are extremely hot – bring lots of hats, protective eyewear and scarves. But keep in mind cooler temperatures particularly by evenings.

You might wish to bring a warm jacket or sweater just in case. Long pants are normally preferred over walking shorts to help protect you from flies and mosquitoes.

Safaris are relatively expensive so planning ahead your days and location will allow you to make the most of it.

For example the Kruger Park offers visitors the lions, elephants and many 1000s more animals in the environment such as the savannah, forests, rivers and mountains. Knowing your preferred location and animals in advance will sure make your safari a success.

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