Tourism in Durban

Durban is considered to be an enchanted pleasure place by many tourists.
They often go to Durban for its sunshine and seaside air. Durban has a large beachfront park and many other beaches in the vicinity.

Facing the Indian Ocean, the water is warm and inviting. The Durban metropolitan area offers its own attractions, such as the Valley of a Thousand Hills, the market ambience of the historical area and local culture.

Durban prides itself on having East meet West in a wealth of influences to create traditional warrior dancers, mystical fire-walkers and colonial heritage. There are many sports venues in Durban and visitors can take on soccer games or golfing at one of the many golf courses in the surrounding area. Horseracing is also possible in the Durban area.

Gambling is allowed and they have slot machines and legal gambling tables.

For those interested in a nice place to sleep, there are hotels, lovely taverns and cozy inns to stay at as well as nearby local theater and live music at trendy clubs and pubs.

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